It’s been more than a year since I last used this blog, and I’ve hardly done any writing since then, unless you count the tens of thousands of words of Anatomy and Physiology assignments I’ve done in the last two semesters.  The combination of martial arts, regular exercise, full-time school, and part-time bartending has ravaged my free time and the amount of energy I have to dedicate to hobbies.

I’ve regretted the move away from writing, though.  I’d like to do more, and also find ways to incentivize myself to read more books.  So, I’d like to pick up something I did in Ukraine, and start writing short posts whenever I finish a book, fiction or non-fiction.  These won’t be formal reviews, and will typically be light on plot summary, and I doubt any of them will be much longer than about 300-500 words.  The important thing is to goad myself into regular writing.